Mommy Care

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Haydareah, Aseel
Zaqzouq, Amani
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We will make a mobile application for pregnant women during and after pregnancy (Mommy Care), we believe that this application is important because it makes the pregnant woman understand the symptoms that happen to her and how to deal with them in a correct manner. It also collects all the information related to her during pregnancy and the matters that concern her fetus and child after birth in one application, which makes it easy for her to collect the important information that she wants. Mommy Care provides a lot of features: 1. It contains static scientific and social articles added by admin that help a pregnant woman take care of herself and her fetus and answer her questions about the subject of pregnancy. 2. Also, it keeps tracking with pregnancy by displaying the current pregnancy week this means the content of information will progress each week dynamically. 3. Mommy Care also provides a page that displays the most important needs and equipment that must be included in the birth bag and for the arrival of the newborn (moms can add other things based on their experiences). 4. In addition to that, it contains a page of the most important vaccinations needed for a pregnant woman and for the child after birth by sending notifications about the dates of vaccinations. 5. It also works to track the increase or decrease in your weight during the pregnancy through comparison with the natural increase, which makes her aware if this increase is healthy or reveals the presence of diseases. 6. A social group is also established to facilitate the communication of pregnant women with each other, publish their inquiries, and share their experiences with each other. 7. It provides a page that includes a collection of songs and music that helps the child to sleep and as a kind of entertainment for him. 8. A photo album has also been added, which allows the pregnant woman to photograph her stomach every week and the possibility of adding pictures of her baby after birth to immortalize his memories. The idea of our application is not new; there are many similar applications to it. But what distinguishes Mommy Care from others is the comprehensiveness. For example, most of the applications are dedicated to the care of a pregnant woman only or after childbirth, either our application combines two applications at the same time. It also contains a remarkable set of features that make it distinguished from similar applications.