Junker Gas Calorimeter Device

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Amr Ahmad
Ahmad Rabah
Bader Abu Rayya
Mahmoud Nour
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Living in a state where a great quantity of natural gas is consumed and where gas meters of all kinds are in common use need a device to check the gas that used. In Palestine , large amounts of gas are consumed for different applications. In the near future, the first buyer of natural gas from  " Israels " largest gas field will be the Palestine Power Generation Company ( PPGC ) , which will purchase some $1.2 billion-worth of gas over 20 years. The average household consumption of natural gas is estimated to be 15 kg per month in Palestine , as the research provides . due to that, it is important to design a device to check the gas quality , and be sure there are no cheating in it.  The scientists have tried to develop several simple laboratory experiments which would illustrate some of the laws and properties of fuel gas. The result of this studies have led to two planned experiments: 1-       Test of the accuracy of an ordinary house or service gas .2-      Determination of heating value of unit mass of gas by the use of a simple Junker calorimeter .In both of this experiments, it was necessary to have a simple , yet reasonably accurate , gas meter that would provide for a steady flow of gas , easy change in pressure and whose calibration could be made or checked by the students without resorting to expensive standards . last , but not least , the standard meter should be inexpensive.  Junker calorie meter design is adopted, and it has calibrated for propane gas , and gives accuracy of 88.7%   it can used to determine the heating  value of mass unit of mostly common gases.    Finally, the user of this device should be satisfy the international standards for heating values of a unit volume of gas at a specified conditions