Beehive Robot

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abu kahlifa, Laila
Yaseen, Bassam
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Nowadays technology is developing in the same direction in line with rapidly increasing human needs. The work done to meet these needs makes life easier however its hard to collect and clean the beehives because of the million bees gathering on it. The idea of a bee sting can inspire fear in even the bravest of humans, especially if they happen to be allergic despite the danger to human beings . Robotics has been acknowledged as a mainstay in the industrial automation domain for decades it is gradually making its headway into the domain of military medical and vehicle applications domain but the only problem we might face is controlling . Our project is a 3d module robot moves in the three directions the robot wheels moves forward and backward left and right while the crane moves in up and down directions we used a linear actuator motor connected to the crane which is able to pull and handle kilograms of beehives - which is manmade structure- and put them in a container. The robot will grip the beehive by electrical magnet . the human control in the movement of the robot by an software application connected to the Bluetooth of the robot called Bluetooth RC Controller . Our robot design will be divide to five sections: The robotic crane Linear actuator The electrical magnet a car and a container 3D printing method used in this project to fabricate the structure of the robot . Therefore, it provided more precise dimensions and huge time and cost-saving in fabrication. . Arduino Mega , an open-source computer hardware and software is applied to control the robotic movement and the crane as well connected to relays and drivers . Wireless control by using a smart phone with android operating system through a Bluetooth module to control the beehives robot using an application called Bluetooth RC Controller .