Cigarette Rolling Machine

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Mohammad, Abu Alrob
Majdi, Kmail
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Cigarette rolling machines used to roll cigarettes with quality in little time, keeping in mind Cigarettes always under high demand. Many motivations are involved when it comes to produce such a machine this unique machine is a good supplement source of income especially after the fact that the number of smokers is increasing rapidly and the cigarette prices going through the sky rocketing stage. We create this machine by many motivations such as the rising numbers of smokers; the rising prices of cigarettes and the high rates of cigarette’s taxes imposed by the government, creating a moon shiners environment, which resulted in high demands for such machines. We will focus on the full use rolling machines as they tend to be higher quality and are easy to use. What you will do is to put tobacco or herbs into the feeding chamber, which is found on the top of the machine and to press the power key to begin producing. This project is to be divided into two categories, hardware & software. The hardware portion contains the mechanical parts such as feed champers of tobacco and filters, motors, sensors, belt and cables ...etc. and software part contains the Arduino programming for the timing elements such as servomotors and sensors.