AllN1 -Shop Website

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Yamen Mohsen
Eman Amleh
Mostafa Mousa
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Abstract With the development of life, time has passed quickly, as some people no longer have time to go to the shopping mall to buy something, so people are looking for all ways to save time and effort to facilitate life in general and carry out tasks easily, and with the development of the field of programming, it has become easy for people to employ Programming in shopping and even doing many tasks through applications and websites. Through this, we will focus on the field of electronic shopping by designing a special site for shopping, and this site provides so many types of goods, and we have designed an interface for the site, which is called (AllN1-Shop), making it easier for the user to shop for what they looking for ,from anywhere at work or at home. The site includes goods and any user can order through it with ease because it has a simple and easy to use interface.