AR indoor navigation

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Ghulmi, Mohammad
Badran, Mohab
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Navigation has been an important subject of research for many years. People have always been interested in developing devices, technologies and applications that help them find their location, and aid in navigating to destinations. According to a recent study performed on mobile phone users , around 95% of users who own a Smartphone device used a mapping application at least once, while 80% of users used it more than 10 times during the period of study, which indicates that maps are in everyday use for most of Smartphone users. Navigation requires knowledge of current position. The availability of cheap, globally available technology supporting current positioning through GPS has been a major driving force in the popularity of navigation applications for mobile devices. Ever since GPS became popular on a global scale, it has always been expected that a similar global solution for indoor navigations will be available sooner rather than later. GPS poses well-known problems if it is used indoors, due to its requirements for a clear line of sight with earth-orbiting satellites for precise positioning. Current technology gives no straightforward answer to a low-cost, universal indoor mobile navigation system which requires no installation or dedicated infrastructure, as indoor navigation systems are often based on bespoke technologies that use ultrasonic or radio frequencies and infrared. In this project we will create an app that uses Google’s ARcore to create an accurate indoor navigation system , we will use unity, cloud anchors and cloud computing to create the best navigation system we can. There are a lot of companies currently trying to create an indoor navigation system like Google’s mapsindoor and other silicon valley ventures but there are no available apps that provide AR indoor navigation