Rawabi English Academy

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Houmran, Hala
Hamdan, Reem
Abd Aljawwad, Aseel
Taneeb, Amr
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The aim of second graduation project ,which name is Rawabi English Academy, is to re-design the academy to create an integrated building that meets all environmental, structural, and architectural aspects, as well as mechanical ,power and artificial lighting design. The main goal of the project is designing an integrated building that meets the environmental aspects, allows easy access to serve all the requirements of the users of this building , weather students or teachers. Moreover, studying of all operational aspects that serve the building properly and effectively. The design was fulfilled depending on an interview tool with a number of staff of the academy to consider the problems faced by the old building. The design methodology depends on the analytical approach in the presentation of data using a number of engineering programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Etabs, lumion, Dialux and HAP.