Vertical Rotary Car Parking System

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Mohammad, Mousa
Mohammad, Suboh
Fathi, Ayyad
Muslim, Abo AL Rob
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One of the most problem that faces anyone drives the car where can park it without spending a lot of time and fuel finding free space around the parking ground, day by day the car parking is a necessity which increasing. In Nablus, traditional parking is still used, and this parking usually is full or far away, and the city suffers from the traffic jam and the important reason for this is the accumulation of cars on the sides of the road. Therefore, there are many innovations which offer the solutions for this problem the most important one is rotary vertical car parking system. The project of rotary vertical car parking system aims to solve the problems of wasting areas, time, money and the problems related to the environment by designing a special mechanism to park the cars vertically and this will ensure the availability of ground space and reduce the emission of exhaust cars and take advantage of the time it takes to park the car.