Cultural Center

dc.contributor.advisorAlaa' M. Shaheen
dc.contributor.authorAhmad Atatri
dc.contributor.authorShadi Hanon
dc.contributor.authorAhmad Ahmad
dc.contributor.authorAyoub azmi
dc.description.abstractGraduation project is a design of a full cultural center. Which Includes architectural, structural, environmental and electromechanical design.   The project aim to have a cultural center with the corners of all cultural and recreational aspects of different age groups and both sexes in the city of Nablus, such as a  library, large theater, music center and many other facilities which achieves the users. convenience without significant power consumption as much as possible. A very important question must be answered which is: why Nablus city needs such as this kind of cultural center? There are many reasons, for instance: the lack in Nablus city to this kind of cultural centers, which includes all the views that deal with cultural affairs aforementioned, based on information obtained from the Palestinian Ministry of Culture. The other reason is the lack of these centers that enhances the creative side when the kids in the Nablus city were obtained this information also from the Palestinian Ministry of Culture. As for the location of the project it has been selected to be close to city center and away from the noise and distance from the high-rise buildings that block the sunlight gain. en
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dc.titleCultural Centeren
dc.typeGraduation Project
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