Implementation of ISO 45001 in the national carton industry company P.L.C (NCI)

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Salameh, Anwar
Odeh, Aseel
Mansour, Malak
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Safety can be defined as a state of safety, freedom from danger, or avoidance of injury, or loss. In this project, a security system will be established in the National Carton Industry to protect employees, workers and visitors and reduce the number of casualties. Where dangerous places and machines that may cause accidents to have been identified. This project is based on the ISO 45001 standard, which was developed on the OHSAS 18001, an organization responsible for occupational health, safety of workers and others who may be affected by its activities. This responsibility includes the promotion and protection of their physical and mental health. Through the development of a health and safety management system that enables the organization to provide safe and healthy workplaces. As this specification includes all risks that may be exposed to the worker and how to eliminate these risks permanently or reduce the incidence of them. It also seeks to understand the needs and requirements of its employees and to determine the extent to which these requirements can be met with the requirements of the law. Through this project, which is the establishment of a safety system for the National Company for Carton Industry, the risks are identified everywhere in the company and analysis of these risks to find out how to reduce these risks and reduce their occurrence.