Assessment and modification for an Administrative Building (Bank)

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وروود الحوح
محمد دراغمة
رهف علي
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In this project, an administrative building (Bank) that is designed by architectural department students in NNU, located in Rafidia -Nablus in Palestine, to assessment a design for (structural, environmental ,architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire, acoustical ) evaluation and improvement, to make sure that the design compliant for integrated design principles, then make a comparison between this project and standards and requirements that were collected for the same type of function of this building in the architectural field. After that, an environmental analysis was conducted to understand the nature of the building site and the main requirements of the building in order to obtain proposals for improving the building and then try to resolve the environmental problems it suffers from achieving the greatest degree of comfort for the users, then make a comparison of the building before and after the improvements. In the field of electro mechanics, many topics related to the building were designed based on the results obtained from programs in which the building is raised as a model, whether in terms of thermal or acoustic design or lighting in the building, whether natural or industrial lighting, HVAC system, fire suppression system in addition to Water, sanitation and energy design. In the structural part, the positions of the columns have been changed to suit the architectural functions of the building, and the building ability of working structurally as well, then make a structural model by using Etabs software to obtain some results for Equilibrium, Compatibility, and Stress-strain checks. Finally, after completing the previous stages, an estimated cost of the building was calculated in terms of materials and labor, and an estimate of the amount that will be spent on the project until it is complete.