Re-design of Jerusalem Airport "Qalandia"

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Hadeel Yasin
Razan Sholi
Sally Hamdan
Basel Himoni
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This project is not only to achieve an academic goal but it means much more than that. It represents the story of the struggle of the Palestinian people who have been suffering for tens of years from Israeli occupation, oppression, restrictions on their land, etc. Once upon a time, Palestine was one of the first great civilizations to have a vast and wonderful transportation network; the most important part of this network was the Jerusalem Regional Airport, and it was the first airport established in Palestine in 1924. Many Palestinians used this airport for travel, and it was an essential and important part of the Palestinian economy. After Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967, the airport was generally not used. Unfortunately, these days an Israeli settlement is slated to be built instead of an airport which will steal the precious memories and history of every free Palestinian on this holy land. This project aims to redesign the Jerusalem Regional Airport (Qalandia). It is a regional airport, where airport facilities include a runway, a taxiway system apron area, as well as the terminal building, will be planned and designed using Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The first step in the project was to collect all the data needed to forecast demand and configure the direction of the runway and the area of the terminal building. It is assumed that the Jerusalem Regional Airport will be developed in three phases to reduce the cost of the project. At the end of the last phase extending from, the airport is proposed to a runway of 2,470 m in length, and a two-story terminal building with a total area of 25,000 square meters. All airport facilities are engineered and structured, taking into account all FAA regulations. The total cost was estimated at $71 million by the end of the third phase, including excavation works, the station building, and construction piers.