Examination and Redesign of Solitaire restaurant

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Ismail, Ahmad
Ebayeh, Ayham
Abu Jaish, Ayser
Qadous, Yahya
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Restaurants have a great importance in our daily life, as they are almost everywhere in quiet streets and busy roads, in hotels, airports, bus and train stations, as well as in parks and shopping centers. Restaurants constitute the largest part of the food service industry. This study explored one of the modern restaurants in the west of Nablus, because it is a vital area for tourists and locals. This study conducted: 1- The restaurant from architectural view. 2- The structural design of the restaurant. 3- The mechanical design of the restaurant. 4- The environmental factors affecting the restaurant. 5- The relationship of the restaurant to the buildings and the surrounding nature. A comparison with international standards will be done, restructuring and development of the building from the inside, to better organize the spaces, to ensure a smooth flow of work and the comfort of visitors. It is expected to get a complete restaurant in all architectural, structural, mechanical and environmental aspects.