Structural Design of The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences In Arab American University-Jenin

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Muna Arda
Wafa Daraghmeh
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The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences is a medical college, which is located in the Arab American University in Al-Zababdeh- Jenin.The aim of the establishment of this building is to solve the problem of congestion in the old building and to improve the academic ability of the university by providing additional medical specialties with high standards, which in turn will contribute in the prosperity of the university in the long term.This project, which is currently under construction, consists of a basement floors, ground floor, and top two floors, with a total area of 7155m2.The basement consists of lecture halls and offices with an area of 1713 m2. Ground floor has offices and a laboratory with an area of 1713m2. In addition, the first floor has a medical laboratory and lecture halls and offices, the area of the floor is 1695
           .   .         7155 . 1713 . 1713 . 1695 1713 .          (SAP2000) . .          ACI 318-11 UBC 97.