Design and Analysis of Water Distribution Network and design the waste water collection for Asira AL-Shamaliyah village

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sawalha, Karam
Bdair, Ayman
Odaily, Mohamad
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Asira ash-Shamaliyah is a Palestinian town located 7 km to the north of the city of Nablus with a population of 9960 capita in 2017 had an existing water network which is facing several technical challenges and there is no wastewater network, water is purchased from groundwater wells of nearby villages. Asira Ash Shamaliya village, as similar to many localities in the West Bank, suffers from lack of reliable sanitation system. The village is partially served by a cesspit for collecting the generated wastewater and where they empty these pits regularly by vacuum trucks which empty their loads into nearby wadis. The existing sanitation practice is threatening the surrounding environment by polluting the underneath aquifer and endanger the existing water cisterns in which the residents harvest rainwater. Additionally, the village lacks of a reliable wastewater treatment plant. Project Objectives The main objectives of this project is to evaluate the existing water distribution network to solve the problems that exist there until we can meet all the needs of the towns water demand. The objectives of this study are: • To distribute enough quantity water with good quality for all house it the study area. • Study the WDN and analyze it. • Determine the problem in the network such as losses and other problems. • Redesign the WDN for a design period of 20 years to get rid of these problems. • Estimate the cost of water and wastewater networks. • Design the wastewater collection network for Asira Ash Shamaliya using SewerCAD, for design period of 20 years. • Determine the cost of constructing this network. • Identify a proposed location for wastewater treatment plant.