Assessment of the Bidding Process in Construction Project

dc.contributor.advisorReema Nassar
dc.contributor.authorAbdullah H. Abu Zant
dc.contributor.authorAyman K. Ilaiwi
dc.contributor.authorMohammed Fadel
dc.contributor.authorSodqi M. Alhnaini
dc.description.abstractThe construction industry is usually considered to be the back-bone of any economy as it absorbs a relatively high percentage of the national workforce. It is clear that a healthy economy is a function of the demand for construction work as reflected by the number and value of procured construction projects. Given that most projects get awarded to contractors via tenders (competitive bidding), so it is important to study the biding process and analyze it to make any vital improvements. This project aims primarily to answer the question: what is the bidding process? Many aspects will be analyzed and studied, including steps to enter the tender, documents needed and conditions. Also, the problems that may face the tenderer. The methodology that will be followed to achieve the project objectives will be: Applying desk research about the bidding process and by studying the previous studies that was done about this topic,Analyze the biding documents,Assessing the process in Palestine,Analyze and investigate the evaluation process and the selection criteria which is applied in Palestine.This project have been done internationally, but there is no similar project in Palestineen
dc.description.abstract. . , . : , . . :           .         .         .         . , .ar
dc.titleAssessment of the Bidding Process in Construction Projecten
dc.titleAssessment of the Bidding Process in Construction Projectar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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