Design An Icon For Jeddah-5 Star Hotel

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Abd-Alhadi, Tareq
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Design An Icon for Jeddah - Five Star Hotel. Designed by: TareQ Emad Abdelhadi. Project Location: The project is located in Jeddah, in the northern area of Abhor beside the Red Sea. The project is surrounded by three major streets (King Abdul Aziz Street, Prince Sultan Street and Al Madina Street). Also includes all services such as (5 star restaurant, Al Rahma Mosque, Queen Abdul Aziz International Airport, Entertainment areas ,etc ...) Project Functions: The project includes two restaurants with five star specifications, as well as a variety of shops and serviced apartments (four bedroom, three bedroom, two bedroom, one bedroom and duplex apartments) fully equipped with private suites. Project Concept: It was the design of an architectural icon for the city of Jeddah so that the building is a symbol of the city. Two important elements were chosen for the city of Jeddah (palm tree and Islamic decorations of different shapes and types). The lines of palm trees were simplified so that the lines creat the for of the project. The Islamic ornamentations creatsThe main base of the project.