Structural Design For Host Mall

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Ramzi Jafar
Fahmai Shaban
Jafar Kabaha
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The general objective of this project is to design HOST MALL. The structure is a commercial building with twelve stories and an overall area of 5566 m2. This building lies in Ramallah city. The building has many functions including parking lots, shopping centers, and biasness office. This design will be according to ACI 318M-11. This will be done by using SAP 2000 analysis program with hand calculations used for verification & preliminary design. The project will contain seven chapters which include the analysis and design of two way solid slab system with deferent structural elements the chapters will be as follow. Chapter One: introduction of the project. Chapter Two: the preliminary design of the different structural elements preformed manually. Chapter Three: a three dimensional analysis of the computerized structure using SAP2000 software. Chapter Four: includes the static design. Chapter Five: wined load analysis. Chapter Six: the dynamic analysis. Chapter Seven: the dynamic design of beams, columns, footing, shear wall.     The Host Mall which is located at Ramallah city is a commercial building with a total area of 5566 m. The mall has many facilities like offices, coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial facilities. The building consists of 12 floors. Two floors under the ground level used as parking lots. The ground floor used as shops and stores. The first floor used also as shops. the second floor to the fifths floor are replicate and used as offices .The first roof used as restaurant  and the second roof used as coffee shop .