Dental care time

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Eid, Naqaa
Basheer, Oraib
Mohammad, Raghad
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Dental Care Time' is a web-based system for organizing appointments. Dentists serve in the outpatient clinics and patients for these clinics as well as a medicine and equipment representative who deals with the clinic. Dental care time overcomes waiting and queuing in the waiting room of the dental clinic, wasting patient time, overcrowding in the clinic, and not knowing the dentists in the area by patients. It can reduce the time of the delegate while meeting with the doctor and reduce the waiting time for free time as well as relieve stress. The truth is that the doctor is the result of overcrowding and chaos in the clinic. It helps patients to find clinics in the area, search for the right doctor for him, search for the nearest empty appointment with the doctors, and they can search in four ways, which is the name of the doctor closest to the place, the closest empty appointment to the doctors, search by cases, and search by the doctor’s specialty There is a 7 users in the site: the owner and manager of the site, doctor, patient, clinic, secretary, laboratory technician and visitor. The admin page contains a dashboard that shows the readings, the number of doctors, clinics, secretaries, appointments and advertisements on the site, control pages for laboratory technicians and clinics by creating and giving accounts to them or deleting those accounts and everything related to them, the advertisements control page by showing them on the home page and adding or deleting them. clinic page contains its profile page, dashboard that shows the number of doctors and secretaries in the clinic and laboratory technicians that have been dealt with, and the doctors and secretaries control pages by creating and giving accounts to them or deleting those accounts with everything related to them. doctor’s page has a profile page, a dashboard that shows the number of his appointments, patients, laboratory technicians, technician requests, advice and advertisements, a list page of his patients and their information, pages to control his schedule, his previous cases, advertisements, medical advice and a page to control his orders for laboratory technicians. patient’s page contains a his profile page for personal information and health information that may benefit the doctor, such as blood pressure, allergies, etc., that were entered when creating the account directly from the site, dashboard shows the number of booked appointments and the doctors that were dealt with, and the page of appointments that were booked. Laboratory technician page contains a his profile page, dash board shows the number of doctors orders that have been created, and orders control page for adding, cancelling and ending. The user can search on the main page of clinics according to their name or location then presented the doctors who are in this clinic, and also he can search in previous cases by type of case then the cases of the most appointments doctor appear first. The site is easy to use, well-designed, very safe, comfortable colors, and is compatible with computers, mobile phones, and tablets