Reviving KUR Village

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The village of Kur and its exceptional historical and cultural heritage is a perfectly appropriate sight for tourism that is capable of making permanent changes to produce economic answers capable of recreating permanent identities in a new landscape. The overall objective of the project is to use the built heritage as a catalyst for economic and social development. The project aims to revive the historic area in Kur by restoring and reusing historical buildings with the participation of residents and improving squares, public places and infrastructure in addition to improving economic, cultural and tourism activities as well as establishing long-term cultural, social and tourism activities that contribute to reviving the village. Restoration and operation of some buildings, improvement of public squares, streets, alleys, and rehabilitation of infrastructure with the aim of creating numerous attractions within the historical area and providing short and remote job opportunities for the villagers, Kur Becomes then a village of a special nature surrounding several architectural elements, some old and some new, to contain several types of different activities, each of which represents a separate architectural project and represents a pioneering experience to change the activity and identity of buildings to a new direction that benefits the village. The project aims to re-use and employ some important buildings whose job has become inconsistent with its location or that it is deserted and put it in new uses consistent with the nature of its composition and the requirements of the new community and benefits the village. The markets area is a large open space that provides enough room for seasonal farmers markets,