Light House For the Blinds & Visually impaired

The blinds are among those with special needs whose needs are frequently neglected in our society, especially in terms of architectural design, which can facilitate their lives and suit their disability in a simple ways and solutions; This is due to the lack of societal awareness of their capabilities and led to isolation creating a deeper barriers for the blind and making integration into society a more difficult task! In this project, I focused on the operational side of the blind and how it is possible for the building to adapt to serve them and allow them to prove themselves as a productive category in society. The main idea in the design revolves around providing an environment of communication within the project between its users and visitors By creating a celestial space in the middle so that the main line of movement (corridor) wraps around it and from it the building’s functions branch off. The building’s functions are arranged in relation to its relationship with visitors, graded from a public area on the ground floor, into a semi-public on the first floor to reach the second floor, which forms the private part for office work. As for the basement floor, it includes the manual workshops of the blinds, which includes a square overlooking the middle space works like a gallery to present and share their works with the visitors and prove their unlimited possibilities.