Integrated Re-design Ayesh office Building in Ramallah AL-Bireh

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Murad, Sajeda
dumaidi, Alaa
Kiwan, Ahmad
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A mall or shopping center is a large building that contains many smaller shops and stores. It is different from earlier markets or bazaars because most of the shops are not little booths or stalls in one big open area. Each store has its own space with walls. Most of their entrances face a central walking area inside the building. This project deals with the establishment of a mall (911 , seven floors ) in Ramallah city .we aim to achieve comfort in all systems, including environmental and construction systems The mall will be analyzed and integrate the design of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental issues. The architectural design must be checked to provide a suitable area, easy movement, and good orientation for offices. For the First semester, site assessments and analyses were carried out in several stages. First, the building will be studied and compared with the appropriate standards for the functional relationships of the spaces. Second, analysis of the site in terms of the amount of rain, temperature, wind direction are carried out . Third, from an environmental point of view, solutions will be implemented in order to obtain adequate lighting and heat using REVIT and Design builder. The final stage is the structural analysis to choose the appropriate system using the ETAB program. In the second semester, the building will be fully designed according to the following: First, the environmental design will be done, which includes acoustics, natural lighting and ventilation. Secondly, structural design and seismic design. Third, mechanical design that includes sewage and water. Fourth, the electrical design, which includes grounding, lighting and control panel. Finally, calculate the quantities for the building