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Fahd Hamdallah Hassan
Diab Esam Maslaha
Moataz Nayef Shehab
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Modern technology is rapidly developing due to rapid increase of human needs. Several research both at universities and industry is carried out to achieve development of robot’s design and applications for the purpose of bridging the gaps between local economy, social needs, and logistics focusing on sustainable development and solutions to industrial problems concerning material handling. Mechatronics Engineering use technology and techniques to provide solutions for the society. This project aims to provide solution concerning material handling in different industrial sectors. Forklift Mobile Robot could provide a suitable solution to the presented logistic problem. The Forklift Mobile Robot will act as a storage manager. It should be able to sort products within a predefined store layout, and pick out the required when it is needed. Where the special engineering project is based on the development of an automated platform to transport goods inside a warehouse defined by several coordinates in advance, and there are two main coordinate points, which are the home point and the target point, this report demonstrate the development of the Sensing and Control system to allow the robot to move around its environment, using Ultrasonic Sensors to detect obstacles and using an encoder to manage the distance and speed of the robot. In addition, this robot will be able to choose the shortest path from the home point to the target point. This graduation project satisfies the requirements of Mechatronics Engineering. In this project, a prototype Forklift Mobile Robot will be designed, simulated, and constructed.