General Purpose Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot

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Omar Afoneh
Hossam Mahasneh
Mohammad Shakhsheer
Noor Daraghmeh
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Modern technology is rapidly developing due to the rapid increase in human needs. Several research both at universities and industry to achieve the development of producing new mobile robots that meets human needs. Mechatronics engineers use technology to find solutions of problems concerning time and effort. A General-Purpose-Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot can be defined as any mobile mechanism that can be actuated and controlled manually or automatically to achieve several tasks. The aim of this graduation project is to design and construct a Mobile Robot that can be able to be programmed or manually controlled. In this project, the mechanical structure of mobile robots will be studied and a suitable structure for the proposed "General-Purpose-Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot" will be selected and constructed. The actuators of the mobile robot will be studied and a suitable one will be selected and used for actuating the proposed mobile robot. The required electronics and sensors will be studied and selected. The required controllers will be studied and simulated to achieve high efficiency and performance. Safety procedures and methods will be studied and implemented during the design and the production of the “General-Purpose-Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot". Finally, the proposed project "General-Purpose-Semi-Autonomous- Mobile Robot" will introduce teaching by demonstration techniques to the Palestinian educational and industrial sector to enrich the society with modern technology and techniques that satisfy the requirements of the Mechatronics Engineering Department. After completing the literature review, we began to design the model, using SOLIDWORKS program. Finally, the mechanical design has been implemented and combined with the electrical part and a control system to have a Practical Model for the general purpose semi-autonomous mobile robot.