Standing and Toilet Wheelchair

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Husam Naser
Adel Al-Haj
Abdelatif Hanani
Motaz Al-Nabulsi
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Many people with disabilities (paraplegia) have difficulty using the toilet without the help of others. Even though there are additional toiletries in the bathroom to help disabled people to go to the toilet, these tools are limited in use and they are not practical. Moreover, disabled people with paraplegia hope to stand up and practice their normal lives to do e.g., a cup of coffee or washing their hand which is, as normal people, taking it as granted. Unfortunately, despite technology advances and the companies are developing wheelchair in both areas, there is no product includes both cases with an acceptable price. Therefore, this project aims to develop an electrical wheelchair that helps people suffering paraplegia to use the toilet as well as to stand up to let them practice their life without the need of others. Thus, the main objective is to solve two main problems: the first one, the standing wheelchair that will help disabled people to serve themselves independently at home and anytime e.g., to prepare breakfast or turn on/off lighting, etc. The second one, most people with special needs in Palestine suffer from the use of the toilet, here we will help them to reduce their suffering to make it easier more than it is now. Moreover, this project will give them the freedom of going to toilet and reduce their embarrassment that could happened if there is a person that helps them to do that. On the other hand, after a long search for what aspects of the project should be covered? who needs it? what are disabled people with paraplegia suffering? and what is the most important things they need? we began to write a literature review that answered the previous questions and much more. Furthermore, we decided to start site visits to hospitals and institutions in Nablus-Palestine that care for people with disabilities and we got a high percentage of people who need a wheelchair that could stand and help them to go to the toilet which is the main objective of this project. After completing the literature review and doing the site visit, we began to design a prototype, by the help of SOLIDWORKS program, by considering the Kinematic mechanism for standing and also taking into account the toilet problem. Finally, the mechanical frame has been implemented and combined to the electrical part with a basic control system to have a preliminary porotype for the standing and toilet wheelchair.