Synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanoparticles (MON): cases of MgO and FeO

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Odeh, Hala
Kahla, Safia
Hussein, Shiraz
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Abstract Metal oxide nanomaterial’s (MON) are widely used in many industries. MON nanoparticles have excellent potentials for use in water treatment, as photo catalysts or incorporated in membrane. Mon have also potentials in harvesting solar energy, environmental remediation, electronics, medicine, paint industry, and many others. In this project we shall focus on synthesis and characterization of two metal oxide nanomaterials . Therefore, the first stage (GP1) of research concerns about synthesis of two metal oxides: (I) magnesium oxide (MgO) through thermal methods starting from the carbonate (MgCO3) ; (ii) ferric iron oxide (Fe¬2O3) through thermal or hydrothermal decomposition of iron oxyhydroxid (FeO.OH). In the second stage (GP2), the product is analyzed as powders for particle size and particle size distribution using the following technique: X-ray powder diffraction (XRD). Once powders are obtained, shall undertake the upscale of the MON production and test for application. One immediate and vital application of these products shall be in waste water treatment.