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Dar Saleh, Ahmad
Rajab, Amr
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While the technology and internet was evolved the need for website was increased and many people need to have their own website to achieve their goals. Students to learn, sellers to present their products to customer and other people with different goals. Web Design is a website that allow users to design their web pages online, and this help user such as designers, students, and beginners that they don’t know anything or know a bit little about web programming, in building their website as they like, then they can see or take the code of this design. The project is also a social media so the users can post their designs and get the feedback from other users, So the main objectives of the website are: 1. Allow designers to change their design to a web page easily, they only need to drag and drop elements. 2. Allow students and beginners to build the website and see the code at any time, so this will help them to understand web programming.