Design and Implementation of an Environmental Monitoring Network

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Yasmeen Salhab, Yasmeen
Aseel Naser, Aseel
Rand Taslaq, Rand
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Development in technologies have evolved during the past 10 years, especially in the communications field, which opened the door to think of many things such as Internet of Things (IOT) which is the major incident. In addition to that, thinking of environmental monitoring system between a set of cars as part of the IOT. It is worth to mentioning that environmental monitoring is often criticized as being unscientific, too expensive and wasteful. While, integrating communication techniques into environmental monitoring techniques will lead to more accurate results and cheaper comprehensive systems. This report will discuss the design and implementation of environmental monitoring system, which will use two sensors Ultraviolet(UV) and particle concentration(PC) sensor in air (air quality) where additional sensors can be added in the future. The results and the locations will be transmitted in real time to an Android application, which will then be relay them again from the application to a server. Speed will be taken into consideration into the analysis since the system will work inside a moving vehicle.