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Nowadays, no one can deny that robots become one of the most important fields in industries and daily life jobs .In many countries around the world we start to see robots in homes, resturants, hotels and many other places . Unfortunately, for Palestine and the most of arab world countries robotic fields is still too late and it rarely appears in other fields than industrial ones . even at industrial fields we still pure import countries so we find it very hard to find spare parts or even to repair robots that goes down and we find it easier to get red of it and buy a new one ! Because of what we mentioned in previous paragraph we chose our graduation project to be at the core of this field ( industrial robotic field ) . Robotic arms are very important tool in new industries , both big and small ones , especially when you talk about pick and place missions. It is mainly used where human cannot work because of hazard conditions like high temperatures or Radioactive materials and so on , or where we need a very accurate repeated work to be done . also robots has the advantage to work all the day without complaining so we can save time and increase benefits . At first part our project report will talk about general introduction of robots with a brief summary about the history of robotic arms . then the second part will talk about the pick and place robotic arms and its limitations in general . at the third chapter you will see an analysis of the main mechanical parts and programing steps of the robot that we work on in our project . last chapter is the conclusion that consist of the results that we found in our project .