Nablus Cultural Center

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Balsheh, Reham
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The idea of the project is based on the design of blanks of non-traditional nature commensurate with the nature of contour land in a way that preserves the ground and maintains the view that characterizes the site and to achieve it was built on four levels interacted by the public around the interactive center, which consists of yards on several levels including the inclusion of slopes And stands for public interaction. Subsequently The main courtyard of the project was focused on the project where the public spends most of the time connecting the highest blister in the project with the lowest point. The project is characterized by a natural gradient, in addition to providing places to sit, read and acquire various skills and hobbies. The project consists of five thousand square meters to approximately 8,000 square meters of multi-purpose theater, a library, a local museum and a community center. These four different programs combine a major traffic corridor called Intersection Road, intersecting terraces and slopes, The chosen site and this would enhance the value of human adherence to the ground because he will practice his hobby and culture in and through. The idea of the project is based on the human scale. "Construction here follows the vacuum." The uneven and unequal walls distribute natural air conditioning and light, and control the building's function, the problem of the vacuum that flows through the "ventilated walls". Separate rooms can connect when sliding walls are opened between them, while the private rooms are suspended as a room of music in the space where the natural light is poured from the glass walls to enter the open cracks in the concrete walls.