Recent Submissions

  • Determination of Total Protein and Albumin in Assaf Sheep in Palestine 

    Khalil, Noor; Abu Salha, Adnan (2021-01-06)
    The Palestinians are one of the peoples in the world most dependent on food abroad, and the agricultural sector is declining, as it contributed about 5% of the gross national product in 2009 compared to 13% in 1993. This ...
  • Performance of Broiler Chickes ,Fed Different Dietary Fat Sources. 

    Banishamseh, Ayham; Yacoub, Ahmad; Assi, Jawad; Salman, Ibrahim; Daoud, Mashoor; Hammad, Mohammed; Alyan, Huda (2020-08-26)
    The inclusion of fat and oil is a common practice in modern poultry production to increase the energy content of diet, improves the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, increases the palatability of the rations, and increases ...
  • Effect of Feeding Corn Silage on Milk Quantity and Quality in Dairy Assaf Ewes 

    Abo Omar, Khaleel; Mohammad, Khaleel; Toubah, Zakiya; Yaseen, Sulieman; Hijazi, Mohammed; Fares, Mohannad (2018-05-14)
    Population in Palestine is increment at high rate. The populace development rate assessed to be 3.5%. Growth of human population is also accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the demand for feed ingredient. This has ...