Fluid Filling Machine

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Mahmoud I. Anbousi
Jamil G. Dwaikat
Dalia Abu-Baker
Ashar Ihbaisha
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 This project discussed the design and implementation of automated and manual fluid filling machine using Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC). This system suitable for liquid products that required exact amount of liquid  to be filled in the bottles such as shampoo, juice, cola, water, oil, milk and all similar drinks and substances. Generally, the function of the machine is to fill the fluid automatically into bottles through a rotary index table. The objective of this project was to be applied in fluid filling industries and to automate the fluid filling process, which can save time, cost, effort and number of workers; also increase the efficiency and the accuracy of the filling operation. This project is divided into 3 sections: the loading section, the rotary index table section and filling section, where the whole sections are controlled by the PIC. Therefore, the main objective of this project was to design a liquid filling machine that can fill the liquid in containers fast and accurate according to the required quantity.