controlled planting machine

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Mohammed A Amer
ayman S. yahya
Ahmad N. Daraghmeh
Rami A. Dwaikat
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Planting machine is a simplified mechanical machine that uses the old basic methods in agriculture from plowing to planting to cover it with soil.The main objective of this project is planting wide area rapidly, accurate processing during planting, without many human needs, with limited costs and time saving. This project is important for several reasons. It supports agriculture sector because it is the most important sector in Palestine, reduces costs and workers (save money and effort), reduce the losses of transplant during planting and planting wide land easily in a short time relatively.The most important aspects this project covers are: It is environmentally friendly and does not need many workers for the machine as well as its fast performance. In addition, this project is subject to the development in the future by plant many transplants in many tracks at the same time. More over the possibility of adding any other parts of the machine without any problems.The methodology of this project shows firstly that the transplants are manually removed from tray hole and placed into a sliding-sloping plate. After that, the transplant slides through a pyramid that carries it to the ground which was plowed by a plough that is a part of the machine. Finally, a two parts mechanism pulls the soil around the transplant and that make the transplant fixed-stable into the ground.This project is not the first in this field, but it collects more than one mechanism in only one machine but other projects are costly and depend on several workers .