Q&A Project

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Taha shashtari
Mahmoud shakaa
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The idea of this project came from watching some students struggling with difficulties in their learning process and academic life. While there are other web apps that try providing ways to solve such a problem, they are so generic. Facebook, for example, is not specific for connecting students together in such an educational environment. This application, on the other hand, will try to provide really simple ways to let students put their questions in their specific faculty (category) so they can get the answer that will help them solve their problems. This application will provide many tools to make writing questions very easy. For example, there will be ways to embed code in the question, and put some images and graphs, etc While this application is named Q&A system, there would be also other features to help teachers creating some discussion groups to let their students discuss some problems and issues from the course they are taking. These groups can be created by the teacher who will assign the students who only can participate in to provide a very high privacy.
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