Applying active learning approach in engineering labs assessment and methodology development

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Walaa Al-Johari
Hala Abu Shaqam
Sajeda Shtya
Abeer Khaled
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Abstract This project is about development of   laboratory learning in engineering based on new learning approach such as constructivism. It was about achieving learning engineering constructing knowledge student. It is also about improving the quality of lab education to make students more effective in terms of suing the skills they need in the practical field after graduation. In order to achieve these goals safety and human factors engineering was to demonstrate the project application, three out of eight experiments was chosen randomly and given to the students using the new learning approach.  To assess the effect of these techniques two groups were under studied: classic group which taught by the traditional method passive learning and control group which taught by the researcher using the new learning approach and active learning.  The same sort of major activities of each lab were given to the students in the beginning of the class like quizzes and theoretical explanations then home activities discussion. But there were a lot of different activities before the class like some home works and games, also after the class like a competitive question between students in the facebook or email accounts. The results were qualitative like most of the new methods were met the satisfaction from the students such as videos, facebook connection, games and quantitative like the result of midterm exam which was the evidence of success of this way of learning. Control group was average scored 83.5 % but the classic group obtained only 76.5% of information. This project was the first step on the way of adapts new methods of learning in the faculty of engineering as it appeared a need to improving faculty-level education. This project was only a step to demonstrate the usefulness of the new learning and teaching approach. Especially for engineering education