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    Readability Level of the Arabic Language Textbook for Ninth Grade in Palestine
    (2014) Omar Dahalan
    The study aimed at measuring the level of the readability of the Arabic language textbook for 9th grade in Palestine and identifying the effect sex of student as well as the kind of text in the readability level. To achieve the goals of the study a cloze test was designed for three texts of the textbook. The test was implemented on a sample that consisted of (69) male and female students chosen randomly. (28) Male students and (41) female students from 9th grad in UNRWA schools in western Rafah area. The findings of the study revealed that the level of readability in the Arabic language textbook for 9th grade is high. The readability percentage for students in the independent and educational levels reached (62,32%). The finding also revealed that there are no statistically significant differences in the readability level of the book due to the sex variable and the type of the reading topic( reading or poetry).
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    Status of Total Quality Management among the Algeriens Worker
    (2014) Abdel-Hamid Jaffal; Hadidene Sabrina
    This present study aimed to show that total quality management is accepted as a new method in management among workers, through the study of their attitudes, which have a great role in the success or the failure in the application of this method. In order to do that in reality the method is applied on 100 workers for GML which saw a big failure that nearly lad it to close and realise its' workers. This situation obliged the managers to look for same researchers in order to make a deep study of the problems which are present at the level of production units.
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    Analytical Study of al Mathqab al Abdi's Favored Noon Rhymed Poem in Light of the Objective Equalizer Theory
    (2014) Fathi Abu Morad; Hanan Alhatamleh
    The study tries to approach the objective equalizer in al Methqab al Abdi's noon rhymed poem and its role in embodying the poet's affective and realistic experience and revealing it. The objective equalizer is a big issue of various phases. Therefore, the researcher is aware not to tackle all of its phases and dimensions in general. He only approached those phases that could be studied in the poem without diverting the text for other purposes, or forcing some objective equalizer phases in the poem. That is why the study focuses on the practical application and only deals with the following issues: objective equalizer concept, its types, clarity, its existence and formation in the text, some of its artistic indications and features, semi-psyche that governs it, and why the poet had to use it without a direct expression.
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    Problems Facing Educational Counselors in Their Counseling Work in Governmental Schools in the Northern Governorates from the Perspective of Supervisors of Educational Counseling
    (2014) Bashar Ainabousi; Motasem Mosleh
    This study aimed at knowing the problems facing educational counselors in governmental schools in the Northern Governorates (the West Bank Governorates) from the perspective of supervisors of educational counseling. For this purpose, a referred questionnaire by Mosleh for the year 2014 was used. It consists of five axes. The first axis is represented in the problems related to the school principal. The second axis is related to the teacher. The third axis is related to the educational counselor. The fourth axis is related to the student. The last axis is related to the society. The study was conducted on all the responding individuals of the study population whose number is 28 male and female supervisors from an original number of 33 supervisors. Then the questionnaire which adopted the five-point scale was distributed. Among the results of the study is the existence of several problems including what was in the fourth axis (the student). These problems re: lack of interest shown by the student in the aims of educational counseling at school, the student’s lack of respect for individual counseling sessions with the educational counselor. As for the fifth axis (the local society) the problems included the guardians’ decreasing of the role of counseling services offered by the educational counselor in the school, the guardians’ not following up with the educational counselor the issues of their children in the school, the weak role of Palestinian mass media in following up the importance of the role of the educational supervisor, and the lack of participation on the part of the guardians in the meetings which the counselor calls for. It was also indicated that there are differences in the arithmetic means of the total degree of the problems which face educational counselors in their counseling work at governmental schools in the West bank Governorates from the perspective of supervisors of educational counseling which are due to the gender variable in favor of males, the experience variable in favor of 3-6 years of experience, the specialization variable in favor of educational and psychological counseling and for the educational qualification variable in favor of the Ph.D. degree.
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    Evaluating the External Participation of the Palestinian Sport Federations from Coaches' Point of Views in Gaza Governorates
    (2014) Ahmed Saleh
    This study aimed at identifying evaluating the external participation of the Palestinian federations from coaches' point of views in Gaza governorate. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach. The sample of the study consisted of (100) coaches and they were randomly selected from the origin population with percent (33.7%). To achieve the purpose of this study، the researcher used a questionnaire consisted of (35) items distributed to four domains: (planning, administration, organizing, implementation, and logistics). The results of the study showed that the total degree reached for the evaluating estimation of the external participation of Palestinian federations was low with percent weight(59.30%). Also, the planning domain came with middle rank with percent weight(67.2%), then the organization and administration with a middle percent weight (62.12%), then the logistic domain came with low degree with percent weight (57.46%) and finally, the implementation domain came with a low percent ( 48.78%). Furthermore, the result showed that there were no statistically significant differences due to federation, years of experience, qualification. The researcher recommended top reactivate the sport federation in reinforcing the external participation according to bases and standards, and saving the logistic administrative which encourage the sport federation on external participation.