Living Together in The MULTI-cultural Society

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    CEF: Global Personality in a Contemporary World
    (2010-06-14) Jawad Fatayer

    The author claims that borders and barriers between cultures and people are on itsway down due to the increasing natural tendency among people all over the world toreach out to one another. Communication and social interaction between people arealways a supreme goal. The author examines the rate of contradictions within culturesand the impact of these contradictions on individuals and groups. He introduced theCognitive-Emotive Fission (CEF) to name the human experience and theramifications of the relative absence of harmony and integration in human life. Theauthor proposed a new Personality Paradigm which emerged out of the CEFexperience. The paradigm refers to seven personality types, the author claims arewalking among us today and they are as follows: Nationalist, Retreatist, Nomadic,Alienated, Rebellious, Global and Zero personality.The author claims that a change in our belief systems might be the most significantfactor which affects and drives our Attitudes, Prejudices and thus our behaviors anddecisions toward one another.Based on Sociological and Psychological background, the author sees CEF analysiscontributes to explain the world conflicts today. He sees that we are hurting oneanother due to our ill minds and dysfunctional belief systems which our culturessometimes instill in us. Holy religions, especially Judaism, Christianity and Islamhold the same principles and adhere to the same values until Man messed it up by hisown thoughts and ill perspectives. Palestine is known as a Holy place for thesemonotheistic religions and thus become through out history as a Holy land to peopleof the world.CEF has severe negative and damaging affects on people’s life. Anxiety, insecurity,discrimination, hatred, depression, sense of disharmony, extremism, terrorism andmany more are CEF symptoms which turn life into a constant miserable experience.Diversity is a life style by which culture instills a healthy belief through which peoplevalue one another despite their differences.The author claims that building walls which separate people are damaging the futureof our generations; it’s healthier to communicate and build bridges, schools, andhospitals. Walls, Weapons and Wars are the road to the IMPOSSIBL. Let’s talk,communicate and reach out to one another. Let’s see the sky as our horizon and Peaceas our dream…this is the road to the POSSIBLE! WE owe it to our children. Is there alimit to the suffering man can endure?! We only have one Globe to share. Let’sreview your own prejudices and get rid of some mental viruses that have distorted ourinsights and bled our hearts.CEF is a researched topic the author initiated and introduced in mid 80’s in USAcontinued in the 90’s at the American University in Cairo and followed by a recentstudy in United Arab Emirates.

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    Linking environmental protection and economic development in euro- Mediterranean countries
    (2010-06-14) Rani Shahwan

    This research paper aims at evaluating the realities of Euro-Mediterranean countries indirect,
    but, meaningful approach, that is, investigating the relationship between environmental
    protection actions and economic development in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
    Therefore, the researcher assumes that the more successful environmental protection actions
    the more DGP growth in Euro-Mediterranean countries.

    This study is based on the analysis of published secondary data about economic and
    environmental situation of Euro-Mediterranean countries. The researcher is building up a
    linkage between these two major constructs to come up with a more comprehensive but
    precise understanding of the situation in these countries which is expected to be of a high
    value for politicians, economists, and other decision makers.

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    Cultural Variations
    (2010-06-14) Marah W. Abd Al-Hadi

    Considering the developments in this global world, it's essential to discuss the cultural diversity. Although we are brothers in humanity, each specific country has its own behavior ,language , dresses , actions, reactions, customs and norms which are affected by it's environment. This is the reason why it's vital to increase public awareness of the importance to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. The basic challenge is to understand these variations to communicate well based on respect and trust.

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    Dialogue Among Civilizations Should Be An Indispensable Necessity
    (2010-06-14) Aya Abd Elmajeed

    The dialogue of cultures is an area of human life and future that drives people to deal with eachother on the basis of respect, appreciation and tolerance.The cultural dialogue between nations and people is definitely an alternative means of force andviolence, there is no way to compare or use force, between the dialogue of arms and the dialogue ofminds, protecting them from exploration and innovation. In this regard, international community istaking greater responsibilities to create and emphasize the importance of effective dialogue based onrespect of the privacy of others and is working to develop what is common to human, to be able toaccess and live in a world free of conflict, progressing and applying principles of human rights andjustice to realize peaceful coexistence.