Car Hand

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Abujoub, Ahmad
Saddouq, Mohammad
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Car hand is a palm of the hand through which a car is controlled remotely, where the process will be done by placing a sensor inside the palm of the hand and sending information to the controlled structure until it does its job. The idea of creating this project came to be developed in the future to solve the problem of narrow spaces for a car located between two cars by giving the third person angle to the controller and facilitating the process of parking or ejecting the vehicle easily. During the development process of our project, the palm of the hand will be used and a pressure or temperature sensor will be used to send the required movement process for the vehicle to be designed and linked based on this process, and Open Source Code to match the created design. The glove was chosen to be a cloth glove rather than leather for two main reasons, first for the ease of installation and fixing of parts on it, as it can be seen easily. Second, because it is more comfortable to wear. The car will be designed with a structure that facilitates its movement, including wheels and engines for movement. Through the process of searching for what is useful from our project, the idea of our project will provide facilities for the process of moving cars in the future, and provide the feature of easy parking for self-control of cars, in addition to many additions that we can develop.