Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 24

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
When the exchange of verbal accusations prevailed and when the two ‎major Palestinian factions ‎started to resort to arms pushing the conflict ‎to the verge of internal fighting accompanied by a ‎state of paralysis in ‎the public sector due to the strike, Palestinians finally found no way out ‎of the ‎political and financial impasse other than a unity government that ‎would include all parliamentary ‎factions in addition to some independent ‎figures. President Abbas and Prime Minister Hanyia ‎promised ‎Palestinians to form a unity government before the end of November, ‎and the media ‎point out that a national unity government has become ‎very imminent, especially that rumors ‎leaked out by some officials that ‎an agreement on the general framework of the government has ‎already ‎been accomplished.‎ On the other side of the scene, the Israeli army committed another ‎massacre in Beit Hanon in the ‎Strip that resulted in the massive killing of ‎more than 20 civilians. The political outcome of the ‎massacre was a veto ‎by the US in the Security Council that aborted the Arab countries' ‎attempt to ‎pass a resolution that condemns Israel.‎ On the Palestinian side public schools teachers suspended their strike ‎after an agreement was ‎concluded with the Minister of Education and ‎Higher Education on a specific procedure to pay their ‎salaries. As a ‎result of this agreement students went back to their schools.‎