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Aya Abu Ali
Waseem Ghazal
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The Rubik cube is a puzzle consisting of a plastic cube covered in multicolored squares that the player must twist and spin for all the squares on each face to be the same color. This puzzle requires high intellect and may take a lot of time to solve, so our project will be a robot that will solve it smartly and quickly. This robot will be able to solve the puzzle from any starting point by taking a picture of the six faces and recognizing the colors using image processing code, then passing it to the solving algorithm “Kociemba Algorithm” to identify the solving process and sending the moving commands to the motors via the Arduino Mega microcontroller. A 3D printer was used to create the robot's construction in order to avoid the challenges of the mechanical side and to ensure that it measurements are accurate. Features the application included: 1- The ability to read all 6 faces of the cube. 2- The cube can be solved by the number of moves the user enters. 3- Provide a built-in timer. 4- A sign buzzer to show that the cube has been solved.