Building a Strategic Business Model for Energy Sector in Palestine (Exploratory Research)

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Mansour, Nour
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ِAn-Najah National University
The energy sector is commonly perceived as one crucial sector for the economy of any economy; this is particularly true in Palestine. This thesis aims to assess the current situation of traditional and renewable energy usage, examine the factors that affect energy consumption in Palestine, project future scenarios to meet the growing demand on energy resources, and develop renewable energy sector. The study relies mainly on the Mixed Method Research tools. The energy consumption in this research is classified into five types: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and consumption for transportation purposes. A primary flow of energy types was drawn in West Bank for 2015. Additionally, the study examines the factors that affect energy consumption in Palestine. This is done in order to find ways to satisfactorily meet the energy needs of consumers and the increasingly high patterns of energy consumption. The ultimate aim is to develop projected Business Model for Energy Sector. The factor taken into consideration are: population growth, climate change, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the standards of living, energy prices, and investment trends in the Palestinian economy. To fulfill the objectives of this study, data were collected using interviews, focus groups, annual reports and research papers. These tools were used to determine the flow of energy resources in the various economic sectors. The regression model was built, validated and used to predict the energy consumption trends from 2016 to 2030. The main findings of the study show that Palestine will witness highly increasing demands on energy consumption for the coming 15 years. The obtained results have been used to project feasible future energy creation scenarios, to determine the potential for building renewable energy projects. And to reduce losses in energy by employing energy management programs. The proposed scenarios are important for energy stakeholders and policymakers who seek to enhance performance in this crucial sector. Important recommendations were made to the government agencies and the private sector in order to develop the energy sector in general and the renewable resources in particular.
Building a Strategic Business Model for Energy Sector in Palestine