Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. ‎6

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
Despite the fact that the Likud Party voted against the implementation of ‎the Unilateral ‎Disengagement Plan, The US Administration declared that ‎it still supports it. The US President ‎pronounced his support to the ‎plan; he even add to his support his conviction that Israel has the ‎right ‎to keep hold of settlement blocks in the West Bank and that there is no ‎possibility of a return ‎of Palestinian refugees to the State of Israel. This ‎American support of Israel coincided with Israel’s ‎assassination of the ‎spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and the successive ‎‎assassination of Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Rantisi who succeeded Yassin in ‎leading Hamas.‎ The Palestinian Leadership announced through more than one official ‎that the Disengagement ‎Plan must be implemented in co-ordination with ‎the Palestinian State. Israel’s withdrawal from ‎Gaza Strip must be done ‎as part of the Road Map. In a related context, the Palestinian factions ‎‎held several meetings to study the possible ways of dealing with the ‎situation after the Israeli pull ‎out from Gaza Strip; these meetings have ‎not come up with any result yet.‎ On another side of the Palestinian scene, Prime Minister Ahmad Qurai’ ‎declared that the ‎Palestinian leadership decided to “begin the local ‎council and municipality elections at the ‎beginning of next July and that ‎elections should proceed on stages”. Qurai’ said that he will ask the ‎US ‎and the Quartet Committee to assign a date for conducting the coming ‎legislative and ‎presidential elections in the Palestinian territories.‎