Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 13

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
As the time for the intended Israeli pull out from the Gaza Strip ‎approaches, the Palestinian ‎Authority has begun intensive movements to ‎rearrange the local Palestinian conditions in ‎anticipation of the aftermath ‎of the withdrawal. In this context the Palestinian President held ‎several ‎meetings with the leaders of the Palestinian factions whom he had earlier ‎invited to join a ‎Palestinian national coalition government. Several of ‎these factions such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad ‎and the Public Front refused ‎the President’s call and proposed the formation of a national ‎committee ‎to supervise the Israeli pull-out from the Strip; the PA rejected the ‎proposal through ‎different statements made by more than one PA ‎official. On the other side of the scene, the PA ‎intensified its efforts to ‎control the local security situation when several cases of outlaw incidents ‎‎where cited. Outlaw incidents have not become single and isolated ones; ‎they have become a ‎phenomenon that threatens the whole Palestinian ‎society. Such chaotic conditions prompted ‎officials and public ‎Palestinians moves to put an end to this phenomenon; these moves are ‎‎exemplified in the decision made by the Council of Ministers and the ‎Ministry of Interior Affairs.‎ On the local level, the Palestinian Legislative Council ratified the Law of ‎Legislative Elections which is ‎based on the Mixed Elections System and ‎that increased the number of PLC members to 132; half ‎of them are to be ‎chosen on the basis of the elections circles system and the other on the ‎basis of ‎national tickets. Upon passing the elections law the Palestinian ‎Authority promised to conduct the ‎legislative elections either at the end ‎of this year or at the beginning of the coming year.‎