Design and Implementation of a High Frequency Local Oscillator (2.4GHz-450MHz)

dc.contributor.advisorAhmad Masri
dc.contributor.authorAseel Abdou
dc.contributor.authorIsra Subhi
dc.contributor.authorDina Sholi
dc.description.abstractAbstract With the rapid development in the area of RF and wireless communication, the interest in frequency synthesizers has grown rapidly in the last few years. The high frequencies (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) used by Wi-Fi mean that signals cant travels for long distances and penetrate buildings so it is difficult to reach the rural areas. Since the frequency synthesizer depends on a high efficient design of mixer and high frequency local oscillator (LO), our graduation project revolves around how to design the local oscillator at a high frequency 2GHz and describes the implementation and  design work of the mixer at 2.4GHz for TV broadcast band (400MHz to 800MHz).In our design we choose to work on an empty available TV channel at a fixed frequency which is 450MHz.  Our design is implemented by using the negative resistor configuration for oscillator and for the mixer we designed three types and compare between them to prove finally that double balance mixer has a better conversion gain compared to Non Linear Transmission Line (NLTL)  and single balance mixers ,Schottky diode was adopted for mixer circuit. Also the simulation and the measurement results are involved in this project.en
dc.description.abstract  . : (2.4 5 )   .   high frequency local oscillator 450. Local oscillator  , mixer . : LO 2.5 450 , 3 mixers eagle ADS mixer . :1. LO 2. double balanced mixer 3. . ar
dc.titleDesign and Implementation of a High Frequency Local Oscillator (2.4GHz-450MHz)en
dc.titleDesign and Implementation of a High Frequency Local Oscillator (2.4GHz-450MHz)ar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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