Play Room Organizer

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Masa Koni
Mai Fahed
Ahmad Atout
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Most parents work full time jobs and have limited time to spend with their kids. The Play Room Organizer was suggested to organize toys in different piles. It will save the cleaning time; help teach kids about colors and give the parents more time to do other activities with their children. The main feature for dis tinguishing the objects is color detection using image processing. The car will have three modes, first mode is the automated mode where the car sorts the objects according to color and put them in the suitable place, second mode is manual mode using hand gestures, where the person decides which object he want, pick it up and put it in the place he wants and the last mode is voice con trol where the car picks the object according to the command from the person and put it in the suitable place. The python code for finding the objects was developed alongside the Arduino code that determines how the car will reach the object, and then the hand gesture and voice module codes were developed. Similar projects are in the market but does not have the hand gesture and voice control features.