Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 10

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
Within an international and local attention paid to Palestinian ‎presidential elections, the candidates ‎launched their campaigns which are ‎basically focusing on the adherence to Palestinian basic ‎demands which ‎are summed up as: an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its ‎capital, ‎the right to remove all settlements and the right of return. These ‎demands are added to fighting ‎corruption, reinforcing the rule of law, ‎putting an end to chaos and insecurity on the Palestinian ‎scene.‎ Along with these realities, there comes the boycott of Hamas and the ‎Islamic Jihad to the ‎presidential elections both as candidates and as ‎voters. The Public Front however decided not ‎offer a candidate and it ‎declared its support for the independent candidate Mustafa al-Barghouti. ‎‎As for Fateh, the People's Party and the Democratic Front, each one of ‎them nominated a ‎candidate for presidency. This is in addition to the fact ‎that there are four independent candidates ‎making the total numbers of ‎candidates competing to occupy the position of the head of the ‎‎Palestinian Authority seven.‎ The first round of Palestinian local councils’ election is over; elections ‎were conducted in 26 ‎locations on the 23rd of December, 04. In these ‎elections, Fateh and Hamas won the majority of all ‎seats.‎ It seems, however, that the presidential elections, regardless of who ‎will win, will not lead to a ‎breakthrough in the negotiation arena with the ‎Israelis. Israel has already rejected the idea of a ‎conference following ‎Palestinian presidential elections in London to reactivate the Peace ‎Process, ‎which the British Prime Minster called for. Meanwhile, Israel is ‎still involved in assassinations, the ‎demolishing of houses, incursions in ‎Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, heedless of local ‎and ‎international calls for a truce.‎