Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 9‎

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
After successive negations by top Palestinian officials of the news ‎reporting a deterioration of ‎Arafat’s health, he was taken‏ ‏to a military ‎hospital in Paris for a possible diagnosis that would ‎reveal the nature of ‎his sickness. Despite all assurances that the Palestinian president does ‎not ‎suffer from a dangerous disease, fear among Palestinian people is not ‎contained.‎ Despite Arafat’s absence from the Palestinian scene because of his ‎sickness, Palestinian officials ‎confirmed that such absence will not leave ‎any political or security gaps, nor will it lead to any kind ‎of chaos in the ‎Palestinian street.‎ Within this atmosphere of assurances, the PLO’s Executive Committee ‎held a meeting chaired by ‎Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmad Qurai’ was said ‎to chair the Palestinian Security Council until the ‎return of Arafat.‎ On the other side of the scene, the Israeli Knesset approved of Sharon’s ‎unilateral disengagement ‎plan, which calls for a redeployment of Israeli ‎forces from the Gaza Strip and the evacuation of ‎settlements there. The ‎Palestinian official response to this plan confirmed adherence to the ‎Road ‎Map agreement and stated that any withdrawal from Gaza should ‎be in co-ordination with the ‎Palestinian Authority. Several Palestinian ‎factions consider the withdrawal a victory resulting from ‎Palestinian ‎resistance.‎ On the side of elections, the registration come to an end and official data ‎have not been fixed ‎neither for conducting the local council election nor ‎the presidential and legislative ones.‎