Analysis of Electrification of Remote Villages in Palestine

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Ayman Shtaya
Qais Samara
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  This study conclude of feasibility study to electrify remote village in Palestine by several methods (PV alone, diesel alone, hybrid PV-diesel, and extension electrical network) and then we choose the most economical method that get the min unit cost $/kwh. This study applied on three types of loads: residential (centralized & decentralized), telecommunication tower (AC, DC, and AC/DC systems)and water pumping (at various percentage of load). This study attend of applying the research in many alternatives for each method (PV: at various tilt angle) to get the best of it.          After this study we discover that extension electrical network of the chosen village is less than other alternatives at least by 50% ($/kwh = 0.346- but it is preventive), so we interest on other alternatives for each type of loads: the PV-decentralized systems at tilt angle 20,32 on residential, the hybrid PV-diesel at 32 tilt angle of DC system on telecommunication tower, and diesel system at 100% load on water pumping: are the best alternatives of all.