The Effect of Using the Aqua Yoga Exercises on the Improvement of Breathing and Relaxation Operations by Beginners in Swimming Sport

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Wisal Al Rabadi
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The main objective of this Study is to organize the breathing and relaxation operations and to weaken the scare factor of beginners in swimming sport. A training program was established for a pre- determined period of four weeks, 4 times a week and 20 minutes each meeting. The investigated group of 15 beginners, enrolled in swimming (1) course of Summer term (2006) at the Faculty of Physical Education in Yarmouk University / Jordan, were subjected to practical skills of pursuing certain Aqua Yoga exercises with the extraordinary music. The results, based on applying this kind of Yoga exercises, show that the free motion of swimmer’s legs and hands within a certain consequence and their potential interactions with water have an advantageous effect on organizing the breathing and the relaxation operations, especially by the beginners. Based on the study findings the researcher recommends that this kind of exercises should be followed as a new training methodology to effectively accelerate the learning process of swimming sport.