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Salahat, Shurooq
Amer, Reem
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ABO project is an android application and web service for Palestinian people donors, patients, hospitals and community service centers. It will provide them the closest way to get blood to the people who are in need of as soon as possible and directing donors to most suitable hospitals instead of posting on social media especially when there is an urgent need to the blood. The most important aspect in our project is to make android application and website with an announcement system that have many features: • In case of emergency, it lets donors and other users to know about patients and help hospitals to determine the nearest point to get the desired blood. Moreover, to help thalassemia and chronic blood patients. • Notifications to users based on filtering system such that only the users in a certain range of patient location receive these notifications either via email or SMS messages, and who have the appropriate blood type and be able to donate according to last date of donation. • Information will be provided about users such as blood type and phone number. Also, information about hospital stocks of blood as consumption ratio in hospitals that consumed daily, in order to direct the blood into appropriate hospital according to its current ratio of consumption. Moreover, this project will have a reporting system and drawing charts. • The normal user can use this application in two aspects, as donor when he registers his information to donate, or as service requester when he wants to order a blood for someone. • The admin can use this application for filtering, searching, statistics and sending notifications. • Registration process for users contains mandatory and optional information, the user can determine which information will appear to other users such as telephone number. It will include also validation process for mobile number and email to confirm. Our methodology is to use java language to build the Android application; HTML, CSS and PHP to build the web service. We will design a database for storing the information and we will use maps to determine locations. This application had made before but with less features, in addition it's implemented in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan. We hope that will be implemented in Palestine by us.